Code Roar User Interface

The interface consists of several major features including:



The following image map displays user interface of Code Roar. Click on any of the components for more information about the application




Accessibility:  The main application window


Description of Components



Menu bar

The Menu bar provides access to commonly used actions that may be useful to someone working in Code Roar.


Main toolbar

The Main toolbar provides access to commonly used options that may be useful to someone working in Code Roar.


File navigation panel

The File navigation panel allows the user to:

  • navigate the hard disk to find files to edit

  • set directory shortcuts for quick access to commonly used directories

  • Make new files and directories

  • Remove existing files and directories


Favorites panel

The Favorites panel contains a list of commonly used files that the designer requires immediate access to. Selecting one of the files in the favorites panel opens it in Code Roar.


Editor panel

The Editor panel is the workhorse of Code Roar. It is the place where a user will spend almost all of their time as they mold simple text into a final working product. The Editor panel allows the user to edit any of the multitude of source files they are working with.


Right toolbar

The right toolbar contains buttons designed specifically for:

  • Indenting and un-indenting selections.

  • Commenting selections.

  • Zooming in and out.

  • Special functions such as the ASCII dialog and text enumeration.


Bottom toolbar

The bottom toolbar contains buttons designed specifically for:

  • Overriding the display of certain options (line numbers, invisible characters, etc.)

  • Toggling fold lines

  • Zooming in and out

  • Navigation with the document


Status bar

The Status bar describes the current status of Code Roar and also allows the user to control the display of certain aspects of the editor pane.


Find in files panel

The Find in files panel displays the results of a find in files operation.