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Code Roar: Personal Edition Features

Code Roar, a product of Ntelligent Design Studios, is a text editor designed for programmers by programmers. Organized from the ground up to increase productivity and save time, its combination of well thought out features allows designers to concentrate on the task at hand. The following page provides a list of some of Code Roar's features.

File Navigation Panel

The file Navigation Panel allows the user to:

  • navigate the hard disk to find files to edit
  • set directory shortcuts for quick access to commonly used directories
  • Make new files and directories
  • Remove existing files and directories

If the File Navigation Panel is not displayed it may be activated by making sure the left side panel menu item is checked in the Window menu.


The Favorites panel contains a list of commonly used files that the designer requires immediate access to. If the Favorites panel is not displayed it may be activated by making sure the Left side panel menu item is checked in the Window menu.


Templates are a way to extend the capabilities of Code Roar by creating snippets of code that can be inserted into a file using a key combination or via the Templates menu.

Find in Files

Find in files is a powerful feature in Code Roar. It allows the user to search through multiple files for a particular search string.

The results of such a query are stored in the Find in Files panel shown in the figure below. For advanced users the results of up to ten queries may be archived for later reference.

Splitting the Window

In order to view multiple files at the same time Code Roar supports the concept of splitting the window. In addition to splitting the active file each split can be associated with a different file.

Code Folding

Code folding allows the user to fold sections of code to hide them and concentrate on the important sections of a document.


Constantly jumping back and forth between points in a file is quite common when programming so Code Roar provides bookmarks that allow you to remeber where you were working and quickly jump back and forth. If necessary you can even save them when you close and restore them when you open up the editor again.

Insert ASCII

Sometimes its important to be able to insert special characters within your file. Code Roar's built-in Insert ASCII dialog is meant just for that purpose allowing you to quickly find and insert one or multiple ASCII characters.


Code Roar is designed to be configurable, to suit the style of its users. The Settings dialog, accessible from the settings menu is the way that Code Roar is configured.